VPI is a locally owned business with over twenty-eight years of experience in the machine tool measurement and repair field. VPI’s expertise in the field of machine tool metrology is known worldwide. Having worked for Caterpillar in their Technical Services Division, VPI has provided several business units and suppliers with machine metrology services. VPI has traveled across the globe giving seminars, and presentations on the benefits of machine tool calibration. The focus of this effort has been and continues to be utilizing the ANSI/ASME B5.54 and B5.57 standard.


VSI has the ability to provide superior measurement services, and due to our mechanical background we are able to provide solutions to your problem as well. This can range from suggestions that your maintenance department can perform to having VPI do the repairs for you. There are companies that provide measurement services and some that provide repair services. VPI offers both, thus eliminating the need for additional service providers.


The tool that VPI uses (API XD Laser) allows us to accomplish a complete machine profile much faster than using more conventional laser systems. For example, in 1999 VPI performed laser measurements on two Makino A99 Machining Centers. These measurements were part of an acceptance test plan for new machine tools. Each axis was measured with a 50mm increment and a six second dwell at each position. A total of three runs (bi-directional) per axis was performed. The axis travels were as follows X (1300mm), Y(800mm), Z(1100mm).   The first machine was completed in one hour and forty minutes. The second machine was completed in one hour and forty five minutes. This included laser setup and program writing, debug and installation. This story was told to an engineer at API and he claimed at that time, that VPI is the fastest company on the planet at machine tool measurement.


In addition to the overall efficiency of this approach you will receive reliable, accurate data as well. VPI has conducted side by side studies of the API XD Laser System and the Hewlett Packard Laser System. The results were quite impressive, the angularity for example had a mere .3 arc seconds difference while the straightness and linear results were within a few microns. This test was conducted on a Gantry Style Portal Machine which has forty feet of X-axis travel.  


VPI can save you thousands of dollars in two very distinctive ways. First of all our prices are less than half of what some of our competition charges. For example, some of my competitors tend to charge by the hour while VPI charges by the machine. Naturally, this would force them to use tools that require longer setup and measurement time, thus justifying their high prices. Next, the measurement time itself is drastically reduced when you choose VPI. This allows more uptime on your machine and provides tremendous savings. The amount of savings in downtime alone could actually cover the cost of this service.

VPI has developed a spreadsheet which compares machine measurements using the API XD Laser System to other more conventional laser systems. We would be happy to forward this to anyone who contacts me via email or telephone. This proves without a doubt that the API XD is the most efficient laser in the world when used by skilled personnel.


VPI employs only experienced individuals with extensive knowledge and background in machine tool maintenance.

Be not slothful in business, but fervent in Spirit, as serving the Lord…

Machine Tool Calibration and Repair


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